Rock type: 
15 millions years

Russia, Khabarovsk Territory, Sikachi-Alyan. Pyroxene-olivine, olivine basalts.  Form a cover. Thickness - 28 metres. Gray, with a violet hue, dark gray, massive, dense, often porous, with a porphyry structure. Phenocrysts are represented by: labrador, olivine, augite, hyperstene. Size from 0.5-1 to 2-3 mm. Epidote and chlorite are formed on pyroxenes. Iddingsite develops on olivine. The pores are usually filled with calcite, zeolites, chlorite and epidote. Drawings on the rocks - petroglyphs. Age of drawings: 5-12 thousand years. The age of the rocks is 15 million years. Kizinskaya series. Miocene.


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